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Website Localization Relevance and Importance

Website localization is the process of modifying a website to make it linguistically and culturally suitable for the international target audience. Website localization , is of utmost importance today, as individuals and businesses are seeking new customers abroad. Researches have revealed that localization improves the chances of a purchase by 40%, when the websites use their native language and do not offend their aesthetic sense. Website localization includes language translation and website design changes. It also includes modifying content to make it more palatable for the international customers. Often, website localization is confused with website translation. However, both are not same. The differences between the both services have been clarified below.

Difference between website localization and website translation

Website translation is the process of converting the text of the material from one language to another. Although, the context is considered in website translation, the content is not changed to make it more culturally suitable. For example, in simple translation, local currency units would not be converted into foreign currency units.

Website localization , goes beyond simple translation to make to content more culturally suitable for target audience, to avoid any unintentional blunder or offence. In addition to simple translation, website localization ensures that the website design, features, images and graphics are suitable to the tastes of the intended market.Website localization is an important requirement for a websites looking to operate on a global scale. It is such an important step that it can make or break your business in international market. That’s why it should be left in the hands of professionals. There are numerous benefits of usingprofessional website localizations service such as ours. These are explained below.

Benefits of hiring experienced and professional website localization service:

1. Seasoned website localization service providers have natives from different countries on their teams. These natives are familiar with the ins and outs of the indigenous culture. So, they are in better position to make the required modifications as compared to an outsider.

2. Localization service providers are experienced in performing their job. They have number of tools and techniques to ensure that the localized website is capable of attracting and retaining new customers.

3. Localization service providers have individuals with different skills on their teams. Website localization is a demanding task. To perform it, people familiar with native language, coding skills and seo-techniques are required. For an individual or a business to assemble such a team on their own would not be very cost effective. So, hiring a service provider can also reduce costs.

4. Lastly, quality service providers give assurances for the effectiveness of the results along with the promise of on-going support. On-going support ensures that any errors or post-implementation roadblocks are immediately remedied.

Conclusion: Proofreading and editingAs an experienced localization service provider, we are confident in our ability to provide you with all these benefits. So, if you are looking for professional website localization , please don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about our services.

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