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Marketing Translation Relevance and Importance

When KFC entered the Chinese market in 1980’s it mistakenly translated its slogan there into something like this “Eat your fingers off”. It can be imagined that this failed to impress the Chinese market and sales were much lower than expected. This was a fundamental error that can be attributed to KFC’s marketing translation team. This also elaborates the importance of accuracy for marketing translation. Marketing translation involves translating brand message from one language to another. In this globalized world, there are enormous profits that can be gained from overseas markets. However, earning these profits requires carefully calibrated marketing strategy. Marketing translation plays a pivotal role in this strategy by translating the company message for foreign markets. Marketing translation is different from literal translation. Let’s see how.

Marketing translation vs. Literal translation:

Literal translation involves, like marketing translation, translating a document into a foreign language. In literal translation very little attention is paid to the context. The attention to context is restricted to making the sentences readable for the foreigners. Marketing intent of the message is either stifled or totally ignored. The compatibility of translated message with brand image is also not considered.

Marketing translation goes beyond mere translation. In addition to translation of message, it aims to reproduce the spirit of original message in the translated one. Marketing translators consider the purpose of your message and can make minor modifications in the text to make it more appealing for the customers. In doing marketing translation the main purpose is not only to translate the message, but also to retain its quality. That is why marketing translation is better left in the hands of a specialized professional marketing translation agency. Best marketing translation agency, like us, possesses certain qualities. These qualities are explained below.

Reasons to hire professional marketing translation service:

1. A professional marketing translation service has staff that is well-versed in both the foreign languages and marketing concepts. They should know how to modify the message to make it more palatable for the foreign markets.

2. The service provider should have highest levels of accuracy. Accuracy is the single most important reason a client opts for a service, rather than relying on himself or friends.

3. Timeliness is another important quality needed of a marketing translation agency . The agency should have reputation of providing quality translations at lightfast speed.

4. If the service provider offers the proofreading, that would be an additional plus. Our agency along with translation also provides proofreading. This helps us maintain highest standards of accuracy.

5. The service provider should constantly remain in touch with the customer. The service provider should have a representative available 24/7 to answer the queries of the customers.

6. The service provider should provide option of additional modifications. If the initial draft translation does not satisfy the customer. The agency should offer revisions until the customer is satisfied.

Marketing translation is a task requiring both marketing and language knowledge. Even if any of your acquaintance is native speaker, the chances of inadvertently making a blunder is high. That is why you should go with professional marketing translation agency like us. We have all the qualities required of a professional marketing translation agency. So, if you need marketing translation, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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